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Why buy American Made?

When you purchase products made in the USA you help keep the American economy growing.

When you choose to buy American Made it helps keep you and your friends earning a living. 

When you buy American you support not only the American manufacturers but you also support American workers, child labor laws, and safe working conditions. 

When you buy American Made you contribute to the payment of an honest day's work and wages.

When you choose only American products you're choosing a higher standard.

When you purchase products made in the USA you can be confident that safety standards are in place for you the consumer. 

By buying American Made you foster American independence.

Buying American Made Matters!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

American Chains Custom Builds!

American Chains™ has computer design capability and we specialize in custom tire chain application and odd tire sizes.  has a complete line of tire chains for a wide selection of applications.

American Chains are Through Hardened

American Chains are built from 10B21 Through Hardened Boron Alloy AMERICAN Steel providing uniform hardness and tensile strength throughout.

Extensive tests and field experience have shown that American Chains wear longer, more uniformly, and without breakage associated with case hardened products.

Combo Chain

An industry first of combination ring and stud chain allowing for traction in all types of terrain and conditions. With the aggressive ring design, coupled with studded tag chain, Combo™ Chain performs in mud and snow, and rock or ice, and is suitable for all heavy duty applications. Large heavy duty rings and lugs with 3/4" studs on both the 5/8" and 3/4" tag models. Also available in dual side by side rings in wider floatation tire sizes.

American Chains World Renowned U-Form Studs are welded on the flat (square) side of the link therefore stay upright for better wear and superior traction. These studs do not lay down like traditional studded chains, improving traction over rock, frozen/wet wood, ice or ledge.

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ForesTrac Ring

American Chains™ ForesTrac® ring tire chains are available with 1/2" tag chain with 1" by 10" ring or 7/8" by 8" ring to meet any traction requirements. American Chains recommends customer checks for adequate clearance before purchasing these aggressive off road tractor chains.

View all American Chains tire chains here

ForesTrac Studded

American Chains™ ForesTrac® studded tractor tire chains are available with 1/2" tag chain to meet any traction requirements. American Chains recommends customer checks for adequate clearance before purchasing these aggressive off road tractor chains.

Find a wide selection of chains here

Super Stud

Another industry first from American Chains™, oversize studs. American Chains™ 5/8" Super Stud® model features 3/4" studs. Super Stud® chain is recommended for harvester/forwarder applications in addition to skidders and loaders, where an open pattern for ease of cleaning is needed.

Find the right tire chains or snow chains for your application here

Net Tire Chains

American Chains™ Net™ chains are now available in single, double, or triple Net™ patterns, in 9/16", 5/8", or 3/4" tag options. All feature six aggressive studs per section for maximum traction.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bear Paw Ring Chains

Bear Paw™ Ring chains are available in three different models, all with 5/8" tag chain, for medium duty applications in mud or snow; Bear Paw™ Tight Ring offers smooth operator ride with its three link 5/8" tag configuration due to minimal distance between rings. Bear Paw™ Standard Ring, with industry standard five links of 5/8" tag chain, delivers traction and performance with value. Bear Paw™ Economy Ring, with seven links of 5/8" tag, provides for the traction required while also offering greater savings.

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